T he project supported the development and delivery of crisis response safety nets that also contributed to the presence of the state in the region. The support provided to the TDPs and non TDPs of NMD by the government of Pakistan in strengthening the implementation of NMD TDP-ERP and restoration of livelihoods and income support in the form of LSG livelihood support Grant and CWG child wellness Grant.

1. Livelihood Support Grant (LSG)

This is an unconditional cash transfers (UCT) amounting to Rs. 4,000 per month, provided for the net recovery support for a period of 4 months. These LSGs covered basic and subsistence needs of the TDP families after they return to their homes and ensured consumption smoothing and provision of support for the affected beneficiaries till they were able to restore their livelihoods.

2. Child Wellness Grant (CWG)

This is a conditional cash transfers (CCT) linked to a comprehensive child wellness package and were aimed to encourage long-term improvements in children’s health to support overall positive human development outcomes for the affected region. Keeping in view the need of restoration and development of TDP families CWG grant is expanded by the government now it is 12500/Rs. Which is divided into 4 tranches, in each visit beneficiaries will be given 2500/Rs.