1What is TDP-ERP and what is its purpose?
2Who is implementing the project?
3What are ERG, LSG and CWG?
4Who are the eligible beneficiaries of the Project
5What are the exact fears about vaccination and how these fears are baseless?
6What is the consequence if someone are found involved in a fraud? or If enough evidence of fraud are available, are these grants of the beneficiary will be terminated or the beneficiary may be declared ineligible for all future interventions by Government of Pakistan?
7Who is the recipient from each family and what is the next of kin policy?
8What is the importance of updating data with information such as new born, change of address, loss of CNIC cards, etc.?
9When will the cash transfers stop?
10What to do in case of a complaint or a grievance?
11What to do if there are problems in accessing the cash?
12How to deal with payment systems associated with the cash transfer (e.g. Banks, etc.)?
13How and where will they receive it?
14What is the schedule for visiting OSS?
15What is the OSS? How to enroll through the OSS?