T DP-ERP program had a major component of One Stop Shop to facilitate the TDP families in accessing LSGs and CWGs. These OSS were identified and managed by the NADRA and PDMA. These OSS introduced the immunization of children plan for theTDP families under the supervision of DoH of the NMD. However, it was experienced and validated that the scope of OSS is limited with respect to the services needed by the TDP families during the implementation of this project. The TDP families visiting the OSS also needed the related facilities such as birth registration, CNIC renewal, and basic commercial banking services (utility bills, financial transactions etc.). for this purpose Government took this initiative to transform these One Stop Shops into Citizens Facilitation Centers. These centers have been harmonized for service delivery to the citizens including, Expansion in the scope of CWG, issuance of CNICs, e-Sahulat kiosk managed by NADRA to offer electronic bill payments and online transactions, Issuance of birth certificates, family registration certificate and many other services that are available to the local communities under one roof.