Sites for the One Stop Shops (OSS’s) were jointly identified by NADRA and PDMA which were acquired from Political Administration and were subsequently established in the 5 agencies of PATA. More OSS were established in the areas where caseload/ return was higher.

At this counter, officials will check the name and CNIC particulars of beneficiary against the list and provide information on project.
Biometric verification of beneficiaries is carried out.
After attending Health Awareness Session the beneficiaries are authorized at DoH counter for CWG.
After successful verification and authorization, accounts are created and Sada-e-Aman debit cards are issued to beneficiaries.
In case the beneficiary has a complaint/Appeal, he/she may lodge a complaint/Appeal through Grievance Counter.
ATMs are installed for cash withdrawal.
Health Awareness Session delivery by DoH Staff and supported through specially produced video tutorial displayed on installed LCDs.
S No District Caseload Sites
01 South Waziristan 95,054 Sarwakai
02 Sararogha
03 Ladha
04 North Waziristan 136,840 Spinwam
05 Razmak
06 Mirali
07 Boya
08 Khyber 113,840 Dogra
09 Milward
10 Bara
11 Tirah
12 Kurram 37,175 Sadda
13 Parachinar
14 Orakzai 60,524 Kalaya
15 Ghilzo
Total 442,759 15